Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Integumentary system--incision and drainage

Hello, everyone,
This is a review on Incision and Drainage (I&D) of the Integumentary system:

The codes in the CPT are based on:

  1. the types of the lesions: acne, abscess, pilonidal cyst, foreign body, hematoma, puncture aspiration, postoperative wound infection.
  2. the complexity of the I & D: simple/single; complicated/multiple.

When you answer the questions,

First look for words "incision and drainage" to make sure you are suppose to find the codes under "I&D". Also make sure the lesions belong to integumentary system. There are I & D in other system too.

Second, you need to find the words indicating the number and complexity of the I & D.

Sample questions:

1. Mr. Smith came in the office with an upper arm abscess. I & D is performed. Pus is aspired and dry gauze dressing is applied.
Answer: You only need to pay attention to the above 3 bolded sections. I &D procedure, abscess, one;
Code 10060.

2. Mr. Smith came in the office with 3 upper arm abscesses. I&D are performed. Dry gauze dressing applied.
Answer: Pay attention to 3, arm abscess, I & D.
Code 10061.

This may look easy to you. I am just trying to demonstrate that you need to pick the words in the questions to match with the words in the CPT codes.

Knowledge is necessary, but strategies can save you time and agony.

Good luck

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